13 Awe-inspring Storage Spaces by Cypress Homes

Many homeowners have so much stuff that they don’t know where to put it all, making their belongings look like a cluttered mess. The solution? Built-ins! Built-in storage areas are a great way to keep items organized and the clutter hidden. Cabinet units, drawers or small nooks! Whatever you need, no matter what you need to store, there is a storage space that Cypress Homes can give you! Check out the 13 Awe-inspiring Storage Spaces by Cypress Homes below:

1. Built-in Surrounding Window


This unique built-in is found in one of our new Juneberry homes we just finished building for a customer. This built-in features a window bench with drawers below. With shelves on each side of the nifty bench system, this storage space is perfect for a child’s bedroom to store toys and clothes in a fun and organized way.

2. Fireplace Built-in

CUsersckobzOneDriveCypressHouse PhotosCarabelle (w sunroom) -StahlBuilt-ins around the fireplace are one of the most popular built-ins features in our homes. This built-in has different sized cabinets and shelves. This is the perfect place to have decorations, movies, books or any type of knick-knack. This type of built-in helps keep the clutter to a minimum and provides a great place to store items. This particular image is from one of our Amberwood homes.

  3. Master Bedroom Closet


This master bedroom built-in closet is convenient and ready to use! Equipped with  storage areas of many different sizes, it has all of the storage shelves and racks necessary to keep belongings looking neat and organized. Not to mention, the built-in shoe rack is a MUST in order keep shoes off the floor. Above the wonderful shoe shelf is a space behind closed doors discreet enough for a safe. This storage space is also from our new Juneberry home.

4. Towel Storage

custom--Agnello (Valentine Dr.)

This innovative towel storage is from one of our custom homes. This space is a built-in under the counter and is made out of tile that is attached to the soaking bath tub. This towel storage is perfect for keeping towels perfectly organized and in direct reach of the bathtub.

5. Double Cabinets


The new Juneberry has many awesome storage features, like this one! These two wardrobes are in the master bedroom that surround the doorway to the master bathroom. This is an excellent feature to store extra clothes and accessories!

6. Spice Drawer

Carabelle (w sunroom) -Stahl

This kitchen drawer is ideal for utilizing space that would normally be wasted. This custom drawer differs from others because of the way it faces. It slides in and out like a drawer, but stores products in an upright position like a cabinet would. It keeps spices organized and easy to find in order to make a delicious meal! This spice drawer is from one of our custom homes.


7. Large Pantry

Custom smits cabinets collage

This built-in pantry cabinet unit is also from one of our custom homes. It is unique in comparison to most of the pantries we build since it is visible to the kitchen. Most pantries are hidden behind a single door. In this particular pantry, there are many different cabinets, drawers and shelves which provides every kitchen product the perfect home.

8. Bathroom Drawers


This master bathroom is in one of our Avalon homes which was featured in the HBAFC Parade of Homes. The drawers seen here have a special cut-out that allows the drawers to go around the sink pipes. This gives a homeowner even more space to store bathroom their necessities.


9.Built-in Buffet


This built-in buffet is also from our Avalon home featured in the HBAFC Parade, just like the previous storage space above. The buffet separates the great room and kitchen with the sides extending all the way to the ceiling, resembling a pillar. The unit features a half wall perfect for decor, and glass door cabinets below to store items like fine china, for example, which can be seen through the glass.

10. Half-wall Shelf

IMG_1727 2

Like many other photos featured in this blog, this half-wall shelving unit is from our new Juneberry home. However, this storage idea can also be found in our Tamarack homes as well! Plenty of shelves are provided in this built-in storage space. It also doubles as a half-wall, hiding the staircase to the lower level in place of a stair railing.

eCypressHouse PhotosCarabelle (w sunroom) -Stahl11. Drying Rack

This laundry room has what appears to be a drawer, but when it opens up it is actually a drying rack for clothes. There are four different racks to hang clothes from while they dry. This idea was brought to life in one of our custom homes.


12. Wine Storage

Brookridge shiocton island

This large island is featured in one of our custom Brookridge homes. It was featured on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for #WineWednesday and received plenty of likes! It is a creative design that allows wine to be easily accessible and doesn’t take up counter space! The pockets are conveniently sized with smaller and larger wine bottles in mind.


13. Corner Drawers


This trio of drawers is featured in a custom home and they are in a corner of the cabinet unit, using space that normally would go unused in the kitchen. As the three drawers get closer to the ground, they get larger. Having a different shape gives them a cool look while maximizing space. These drawers are perfect for holding kitchen supplies like utensils, kitchen towels or other items.




These 13 storage spaces are just some of the exclusive space savers in our homes. To see more, visit our galleries. If you have a storage space that you want built in your home, Cypress Homes can do that with our awesome custom homes.

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Tips in Choosing the Right Swimming Pool

As everyone knows summer is approaching fast and what better way to keep you cool than with a swimming pool. If your home already has a pool then jump right in and enjoy yourself, but if you don’t then here are a few tips in choosing the right swimming pool for your family and you.

Salt Water vs. Chlorine

When it comes to deciding what the best way to keep your pool clean, there are two options that you can consider. The first option is having a salt water (saline) swimming pool. With this option, you don’t have to worry about using chlorine in your water to keep it clean as the salt already creates that chlorine for you. A benefit from having this is that it reduces the costs when it comes to maintenance of the water since it is just a one time upfront payment. But a downside is that the initial installment will be high.

The second option you have is using a chlorine based swimming pool. One of the advantages of going for this option is that building it is cheaper than building a salt water pool. A disadvantage to this is that weekly maintenance checks are needed in order to provide proper safety to swimmers.

Size and Shape

Like everything that you buy, you must consider how big and what shape you want it to be. A big pool may be fun to play in but when it comes down to maintaining that pool, it can become a hassle. Another thing to consider is if you have enough open space to accommodate the pool you are considering.

Underground vs. Above-Ground

Another thing you should consider when choosing the right swimming pool is whether you want it to be above or underground. An advantage of an above ground pool is that it is the most cost-effective way to build a pool. A disadvantage is that it is often not very durable so if you plan on keeping it for a long time this may not be the option for you.

If you go for an underground pool you have many options in what you want to do with it. There are many creative things that you can do with it and they do require less maintenance than above-ground pools. Once again if you go for an underground pool the costs will be substantially more and you also have to consider the procedures that go along with it such as a building permit, plumbing work, electrical work, excavation using heavy equipment, and concrete work.

Whatever choices you choose, you can be sure that you will be on your way to keeping your and your family cool for the summer. Whether you choose to go big or small always remember to keep yourself safe.

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5 Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

Looking for the best way to use that unfinished space in your basement? Renovating your home’s lower level is a great way to add extra space and value to your current home. At Cypress Homes, we make it easy for homeowners to finish off lower level space later on by including pre-plumbing for another bathroom in most of our homes. We also usually include at least one egress window to allow homeowners to meet building codes for an extra bedroom. Even without those things included in your basement, here are 5 ways to use that basement space and few things you may need:

1. Home Office

Home Office

Having a place that you can bring your work home can be a very nice thing to have. The basement is a perfect quiet space that you can get your work done without being distracted. A few things that you should have in your office are:

  • Desk
  • Wood floors
  • Built in cabinets
  • Sufficient lighting (compact florescent bulbs)
  • Wireless router or internet jack
  • Comfortable chairs not only for you but also clients

2. Playroom

Kids' Playroom

Basements are generally considered as the extra space of your room. Keeping all your kid’s items in the basement increases the space in main parts of your home. It also increases fun and extra activity. It provides a proper area to play many floor games. Having guests can be a challenge because of children playing and making noise, so having a place where they don’t disturb your guests can be very nice. Some essentials of a child’s play room could be:

  • Bright color Pillows and Cushions
  • Hiding places
  • Hang the alphabetical, numerical, animal names and various other charts
  • Easy to clean furnishing
  • Toy bin for easy clean up

3. Recreation or Family Room

Rec Room

This is a great place to bring anyone for any kind of get together. It is also a place for you and your family to have quality bonding time. Having billiards such as darts, pool, or even air hockey will keep your children active and social.  Important features and games could include:

  • Pool table
  • Television
  • Furniture (couches, recliners)
  • Stools
  • Music Player

4. Home Theater

Home Theater

What better way to watch your favorite team then on a giant projection screen? Children will also have a place to watch their favorite TV shows and movies with their friends. Leisure time will no longer consist of your family fighting over the best chair in the living room since there won’t be a bad seat in the room. A few musts in your home theater are:

  • Television or big screen
  • DVD Player to run the DVD and Speakers
  • Movie posters
  • Popcorn machine, mini fridge, nacho maker and small sink
  • Painting the wall with soft, warm colors to create the mood

5. Bar


Home Bar Area

If you’re sick of searching for a venue for you and your buddies to hang out, then this is the right decision. A bar can be a perfect place to kick back and loosen up after a long week of work. This may not be the right decision for a family full of children. However, once they’re off to college this could be a great idea for your adult parties. Showing off your wine collection and your bartending skills will entertain anyone you bring into your basement. You’ll not only need the actual bar but you may also want to include:

  • Stools
  • Wine cooler
  • Juke box
  • Card Table
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Television

However you decide to finish off your basement, make sure you do it right.  Either hire a reputable contractor or if you plan to tackle it yourself find a DIY resource.

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Pet-Proofing Your New Home

The last thing you want after purchasing your new home is your pet destroying it. Pet proofing your home can be a lot like child proofing your home. Puppies and kittens can be especially mischievous so here are some tips to keep your home and companion safe.


Childproof latching is a great way to keep paws out of your cabinets. You should also place your medications, cleaners, and chemicals either in those cabinets or somewhere out of reach. Garbage is always a magnet for pets, especially dogs, so keep your trash cans covered and inside your cabinets as well. And finally keep your toilet seats covered; you don’t want your pet drinking from them or worse falling in and drowning. Bigger dogs can wreak havoc on hardwood floors, causing scratches with their claws.  So if you have a big lovable animal it may be a good idea to lay down a floor mat or other protective covering in areas they often go.


Living Room/ Family Room

First off, if you don’t want your pets going into a room using a child safety gate is a great idea. Make sure children toys and other chewable items are in bins and locked up. Many dogs don’t like the taste of lemon or bitter apple. Try spraying pet-safe products in these flavors on tempting chewables. Heating and cooling vents should be covered. It may also be smart to choose a darker color carpet that hides stains better, just in case.


Fencing of some sort will help keep your pets from wondering off. An invisible or electronic fence system is one option that allows you to maintain an open yard. A regular fence, metal or wooden, is low-tech but reliable. Just make sure the gate is properly maintained. The fence gate should be hinged to close and latch automatically when you enter or leave the yard, with no way for your dog to nose it open.

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Color can awaken your senses and elevate your mood & point of view.  Color can enhance a room, or take away from it.  Color can play with your emotions.  If color can do all this, no wonder people are afraid of it!  But it’s not scary at all, and so much fun!  Color is the least expensive way to change the look of a single room, or an entire house.

Don’t know which color(s) to choose?  Look to your closet for advice.  If you like the colors you wear, then you’re sure to like one of those on your walls.  Afraid to paint all your walls a fun, vibrant, trendy color?  Then try an accent color.  Pick a feature wall in your room, such as where a fireplace or television is, and paint it a color of your choosing.  Leave the other walls neutral so it doesn’t overpower your room.  Use the same accent color in accessories such as pillows and throws to carry the color throughout and add unity to the room.

Invest in an inexpensive color wheel (double-sided are better) from a crafts store, and go to the paint department at a big box home improvement store and ask for a paint brand’s paint color fan deck (usually free!).  With these two tools in hand, you will be on your fearless way to controlling color and creating color schemes!!

You’re probably wondering what are some
trendy colors, or what will be trendy soon.  Grey is definitely the front runner, ranging from the lightest of greys to dark charcoal.  Some are even calling it the new neutral!  If you’re feeling bold, try pairing it with a bright sunny yellow to energize it.  If yellow is not your color, use a medium to dark turquoise or teal to accentIMG_6742

Earth tones are here to stay!  Once regarded as “safe” (and probably still true), they have a soothing quality to them.  In the color forecast, these neutrals will be richer and deeper.  Keep an eye out for deeper tans and taupes.  Soft greens and blues will be unexpected neutrals as well.

For those of you who LOVE color and are frequently changing it up, then teal, dusky red, plum, charcoal, and shadowy navy can add an elegance to any room, and wrap around you like a blanket giving you the cozy feeling that so many are after today.  Tones (when grey has been added to the pure hue) of blues and reds will also be noticeable.


In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you choose, as long as you love it!  Happy decorating!

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Spring Cleaning Tips

It may have been a mild Wisconsin winter, but that doesn’t mean the house isn’t in need of a good spring cleaning! It’s that time of the year again, to get out your trusty cleaning gloves and tackle what winter has left behind. Here are 6 spring cleaning tips that can make cleaning your house seem like a breeze.

1. Formulate A Plan & Set Reasonable Goals

There may be areas of your home that need more cleaning than others, so it is important that you make a list of those rooms that need the most attention. Make this plan reasonable so that you don’t become frustrated after a few hours of cleaning.

This list may look something like this:

  • Wipe walls and ceiling
  • Vacuum and shampoo rugs
  • Dust Books and Shelves
  • Wash window screens
  • Clean window treatments
  • Ensure fire safety

2. Check for Cleaning Supplies

Essential-Cleaning-Business-Supply-ListMake sure that you have all the supplies you’ll need to clean your household. Nothing is worse than starting a project and not being able to finish it because you ran out of something like window cleaner. It may also be a good idea to stay away from chemicals in your cleaning supplies; white vinegar and baking soda are some safe cleaning aids.


3. Clean each Room from Top to Bottom


Gravity can be your best friend when cleaning your household. Starting from your ceiling to your floor is a good way to make sure you don’t miss some dust bunnies that may have fell while you were cleaning the ceiling fan. You done want to have to re-clean your glass table
just minutes after finishing it.

4. Involve your Children

This may be a difficult task but if you can it will make cleaning your house a easier and less stressful experience. It is also a good way to have family bonding time so try to make a game out of it. Creating a game like who has the cleanest room will keep them focused on the task of cleaning. Bribing your kids with an ice cream treat or their favorite toy can be a great way to keep them motivated. This may also be a great opportunity for you to just sit down and relax.

5. Focus on a Small Job First

If you tackle a large job first it may become overwhelming. Start with something small so that you have a sense of accomplishment early. Also starting with a larger room may distract you from other areas that really need to be cleaned.

6. Make a Daily Cleaning Schedule

You don’t want all that hard work to go to waste in a week. Making a daily schedule will ensure that your house continues to look like a model home, at least until the next spring cleaning!

Please feel free to stop by, give us a call at (920) 734-2324, or visit our website.

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Timeless Home Features

Each new year offers new home fashion fads and updates in current home fashion trends. While these features offer modern and exciting methods of adding character to your home, let us not forget about some tried and true home additions that can introduce flavor and style to your living spaces. Check out these timeless features for ideas on adding fashion value to your home.

Subway Tile

Untitled design (41)

Aside from adding value as a wall protectant, a backsplash offers home owners an exciting and personalized method of accenting their current home fashion. A properly installed backsplash provides homeowners with a durable fashion addition that requires very little maintenance. With endless variations in shapes, colors, and sizes, each backsplash offers homeowners unlimited options to add their own personal touch to their living space.

Pro Tip: Add unique patterns above cooking stations to create an attractive focal point.

Neutral Colors

neutralsNeutral colors offer a timeless interior design strategy which allows for future design flexibility and fashion updating while maintaining a high level of style. These colors allow homeowners to fluctuate between color schemes with ease, provide endless design opportunities, and place desired emphasis on stylish room furnishings.

Pro Tip: Using slightly varying shades of neutral colors can offer color contrast to rooms. Try a slightly darker shade lower on walls and a lighter shade above to create a 3D effect.

Shaker Style Cabinets


Shaker cabinets not only provide homeowners with additional storage and organizational space, but lend a versatile cabinet design able to add a classic look to either modern or traditional kitchen spaces. With an ability to be easily stained or painted to bring out existing color schemes, shaker cabinets are a timeless fashion feature to complete the desired kitchen look.

Pro Tip: Painting shaker cabinets white or gray adds a bright, contemporary feel that works well in modern design kitchens.


Mid-colored Stain

Minwax-stain-samples3Ideal for hardwood flooring, window trim, and door trim, staining provides homeowners with the ability to obtain their desired color scheme throughout the home. Offering an unlimited potential of color options, stain can be utilized in numerous color schemes to add fashion value.

Pro Tip: Light stain offers an airy vibe, while dark stain provides the room with a more formal appearance.


Untitled design (19)

Providing kitchens with an added organized space for increased storage, pantries are a timeless home feature that remains highly desired. A strategically built pantry allows for a much more efficient and organized kitchen space, offering homeowners a clean look and extended counter space.

Pro Tip: Design more shallow shelving space while creating your pantry to ensure for more convenient visibility and access of your items.


To read about Outdated home features, click here.

To see floor plans and homes for sale click here.

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5 Home Trends That Seriously Date Your Home

Most home trends wax and wane in popularity, but these 5 past trends below are telltale signs your home is outdated.

1. Wallpaper in Large Spaces or Bordering

wallpaperBelieve it or not wallpaper is making a comeback in homes. Selectively using wallpaper as an accent wall or in a small area is fine, but less is more. When used in large open spaces or room wallpaper can make people feel dizzy and overwhelm the senses. It’s important to choose a design that will fit nicely in a space without being too busy.

A wallpaper border in a room also tends to look dated. Accent walls, whether paint or wallpaper, is a better option.

Side note: Wallpaper tends to be a pain to remove, so you want to be pretty sure you’ll like it long term before putting it up.

2. Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn CeilingThis ceiling “trend” was primarily used from 1950-1980. Bumpy and dust-loving, this ceiling style has since become completely outdated. Popcorn ceilings are extremely difficult to paint because of the rough texture. They also requires more maintenance, because you have to work to keep it attractive and put together. It’s actually suggested that you vacuum the ceiling with an attachment to remove dust that collects on it. Luckily getting ride of this outdated feature is fairly simple, soften the ceiling with water and scrape off with a trowel or putty knife.

3. Shiny Brass Fixtures

Door AjarNothing screams the 90’s like these shiny, brass fixtures in a home.   The shininess of this yellow brass is outdated and sticks out like a sore thumb in your home. When everything else in a home is updated the fixtures do not go nicely at all! Oiled bronze and satin/brush nickel are the two fixture trends currently. They are modern and up to date while still affordable in a home. Door handles and lights are easily replaceable so if you still have brass finishes we recommend an upgrade!

4. Too Many Collectibles

tackyCurrent home buyers are looking for homes that offer spacious rooms featuring minimal decor. In the past, it was popular to display a lot of things to fill the space. Now it’s better to have just a few items that help tie your room together. Too many accessories and furnishings can make a room feel smaller and out of date. An accented mirror, throw pillows and a few small decorations are perfect to keep the rooms simple, yet provide some character.

5. Oak Cabinets

Oak CabinetsOak cabinets used to be a very popular home feature, the key word is “used.” Oak has since fallen out of favor. Painted (white or gray) or darker stained maple have become the popular choices in cabinetry.  A fairly simple fix to oak cabinets is paint.  A little paint can give them a fresh look that will quickly make your kitchen feel more updated without breaking the bank.



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February 2017 Facebook Poll Results

Twice a week on Facebook, we create poll questions with 3 different options to let people tell us what type of home features they like. Then each month we’re giving you a summary of the winners so you can see our most popular home features! Below are the poll results from February:

Master Bath Vanity Winner – Karalyn

Karalyn nelson master bathFacebook polls for this month started out with a whopping amount of votes! This Karalyn master bathroom vanity won this poll by gathering 77% of votes. 

This master bath has a white color scheme and has many amazing features. Along with this great vanity, a free-standing bath tub and tile shower are also featured in this bathroom. This vanity has plenty of cabinet and drawer space as well as counter space. Double sinks are separated by a large center built-in which is perfect for extra storage.


Catch-all Winner – Amberwood 

Amberwood catch-allThis poll came down to the wire! The winning catch-all from one of our Amberwood homes only ended up winning by 1 vote from the runner up! This winner received 52% of the votes.

This catch-all fits perfectly between two walls and is in the mudroom on the way into the kitchen. It features a large two-door cabinet on the left and three stacked drawers on the right. The counter top provides plenty of space as well. In this photo there are baskets on the wall for storage as well as artwork. These items are great to place above the catch-all but calendars, dry erase boards and photos are great too!

 Past Parade Home Winner – Ridgewood

Untitled design (24)This Ridgewood home was featured in the WHBA Parade of Homes earlier this year and is still for sale. This collage of the home won this poll by a close margin just gaining 45% of the votes.

In this weeks poll we did past parade homes in spirit of the HBAFC Parade of Homes Feb. 11-12 and 16-19. Cypress Homes had two homes featured in this parade. The Ridgewood is one of our larger two-story homes featuring 4 bedrooms and a bonus room, a large kitchen, a 2nd floor hallway that overlooks the great room and more! For more on this property that is still for sale click here.

Kitchen Winner – Tamarack

IMG_1706 2This Tamarack is one of our newest homes completed for a customer in Oshkosh. This kitchen won the poll by taking 88% of the votes and claiming a big victory (even with a few paint cans making an appearance in the photo) .

This spacious kitchen is connected to the great room. It features stainless steel appliances, granite counters and a tile back splash that pops. The dark color of the island is a stand out in this all white kitchen.

 Fireplace With Built-Ins Winner – Carabelle 

IMG_9728This fireplace with built-ins got the most votes ever in a Cypress Homes Facebook Poll Contest! It defeated the other two photos by taking 68% of the polls votes.

A fireplace is a stand out piece in a home and now more than ever, built-ins around the fireplace are popular. Built-ins come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and colors. This color scheme is white from the color of the fireplace to the accent wall above it and the shelves and cabinets surrounding it. Built-ins in this room take up the entire wall around the fireplace. There are cabinets on each side and then different sized shelves above the cabinets. This is perfect for storage of all sorts as well as decorations and every day items.

Tile Shower Winner – Edgewood

IMG_6971The Edgewood tile shower pulled out the W in a close race by edging out the other two photos by receiving 59% of the votes.

This tile shower was featured in our brand new Edgewood model that starred in the HBAFC Parade of Homes this month! This home is still on the market and is absolutely stunning. This corner tile shower features three different tiles, the floor, the walls and the accent tiles. Clear glass doors give this shower a luxurious look. Who needs to go to the spa when you have a shower like this at home! For more on this beautiful home that’s still for sale click here.

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March Space of the Month: Bar Areas

Bar areas come in all shapes and sizes. It may be as simple as a rack for wine bottles or it could be practically a full 2nd kitchen!  Here are a few of the bar areas our past customers have put into their new homes:

Wine Rack

Wine Wed Karalyn home

This Karalyn home features a wine rack in the lower level. The stone surrounding this features makes the bar space stand out and gives it a wine cellar look. Two large wine racks on top of the cabinet unit are perfect to keep wine bottles organized and on display. This feature is perfect for avid wine drinkers.





Built-in Wine Rack in Island

Brookridge shiocton island

Having an area for wine that doesn’t take up extra kitchen space is a great hidden feature. This wine rack utilizes space in the kitchen island that otherwise would have been unused. the kitchen because it is built into the center island. Varying compartment sizes gives the flexibility to store bottles and classes of different sizes.  Whether needing a glass of wine while cooking or grabbing one to relax in the great room, this is a convenient location.

All In One

Wine wed- Sageridge

This awesome bar area was put in the lower level of one of our Sageridge homes.  Great for entertaining, this setup offers space for wine, liquor, beer and more. Complete with a bar sink, you can invite your friends over and tend bar right in your home!




Full Kitchen

Screenshot (5)

This lower level in one of our custom homes basically features a second kitchen with a full refrigerator, sink, beverage fridge, oven, and dishwasher.  The two-tiered bar counter, beautiful cabinets and woodwork makes this space feel more like an irish pub than a home’s basement.  Bar stools at the counter give guests a place to enjoy cocktails and conversation. This bar area is just part of a great entertainment area in this home’s lower level.

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