13 Awe-inspring Storage Spaces by Cypress Homes

Many homeowners have so much stuff that they don’t know where to put it all, making their belongings look like a cluttered mess. The solution? Built-ins! Built-in storage areas are a great way to keep items organized and the clutter hidden. Cabinet units, drawers or small nooks! Whatever you need, no matter what you need to store, there is a storage space that Cypress Homes can give you! Check out the 13 Awe-inspiring Storage Spaces by Cypress Homes below:

1. Built-in Surrounding Window


This unique built-in is found in one of our new Juneberry homes we just finished building for a customer. This built-in features a window bench with drawers below. With shelves on each side of the nifty bench system, this storage space is perfect for a child’s bedroom to store toys and clothes in a fun and organized way.

2. Fireplace Built-in

CUsersckobzOneDriveCypressHouse PhotosCarabelle (w sunroom) -StahlBuilt-ins around the fireplace are one of the most popular built-ins features in our homes. This built-in has different sized cabinets and shelves. This is the perfect place to have decorations, movies, books or any type of knick-knack. This type of built-in helps keep the clutter to a minimum and provides a great place to store items. This particular image is from one of our Amberwood homes.

  3. Master Bedroom Closet


This master bedroom built-in closet is convenient and ready to use! Equipped with  storage areas of many different sizes, it has all of the storage shelves and racks necessary to keep belongings looking neat and organized. Not to mention, the built-in shoe rack is a MUST in order keep shoes off the floor. Above the wonderful shoe shelf is a space behind closed doors discreet enough for a safe. This storage space is also from our new Juneberry home.

4. Towel Storage

custom--Agnello (Valentine Dr.)

This innovative towel storage is from one of our custom homes. This space is a built-in under the counter and is made out of tile that is attached to the soaking bath tub. This towel storage is perfect for keeping towels perfectly organized and in direct reach of the bathtub.

5. Double Cabinets


The new Juneberry has many awesome storage features, like this one! These two wardrobes are in the master bedroom that surround the doorway to the master bathroom. This is an excellent feature to store extra clothes and accessories!

6. Spice Drawer

Carabelle (w sunroom) -Stahl

This kitchen drawer is ideal for utilizing space that would normally be wasted. This custom drawer differs from others because of the way it faces. It slides in and out like a drawer, but stores products in an upright position like a cabinet would. It keeps spices organized and easy to find in order to make a delicious meal! This spice drawer is from one of our custom homes.


7. Large Pantry

Custom smits cabinets collage

This built-in pantry cabinet unit is also from one of our custom homes. It is unique in comparison to most of the pantries we build since it is visible to the kitchen. Most pantries are hidden behind a single door. In this particular pantry, there are many different cabinets, drawers and shelves which provides every kitchen product the perfect home.

8. Bathroom Drawers


This master bathroom is in one of our Avalon homes which was featured in the HBAFC Parade of Homes. The drawers seen here have a special cut-out that allows the drawers to go around the sink pipes. This gives a homeowner even more space to store bathroom their necessities.


9.Built-in Buffet


This built-in buffet is also from our Avalon home featured in the HBAFC Parade, just like the previous storage space above. The buffet separates the great room and kitchen with the sides extending all the way to the ceiling, resembling a pillar. The unit features a half wall perfect for decor, and glass door cabinets below to store items like fine china, for example, which can be seen through the glass.

10. Half-wall Shelf

IMG_1727 2

Like many other photos featured in this blog, this half-wall shelving unit is from our new Juneberry home. However, this storage idea can also be found in our Tamarack homes as well! Plenty of shelves are provided in this built-in storage space. It also doubles as a half-wall, hiding the staircase to the lower level in place of a stair railing.

eCypressHouse PhotosCarabelle (w sunroom) -Stahl11. Drying Rack

This laundry room has what appears to be a drawer, but when it opens up it is actually a drying rack for clothes. There are four different racks to hang clothes from while they dry. This idea was brought to life in one of our custom homes.


12. Wine Storage

Brookridge shiocton island

This large island is featured in one of our custom Brookridge homes. It was featured on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for #WineWednesday and received plenty of likes! It is a creative design that allows wine to be easily accessible and doesn’t take up counter space! The pockets are conveniently sized with smaller and larger wine bottles in mind.


13. Corner Drawers


This trio of drawers is featured in a custom home and they are in a corner of the cabinet unit, using space that normally would go unused in the kitchen. As the three drawers get closer to the ground, they get larger. Having a different shape gives them a cool look while maximizing space. These drawers are perfect for holding kitchen supplies like utensils, kitchen towels or other items.




These 13 storage spaces are just some of the exclusive space savers in our homes. To see more, visit our galleries. If you have a storage space that you want built in your home, Cypress Homes can do that with our awesome custom homes.

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