Home Space of the Month: September

September is the month for “back to school” and in honor of this we are featuring mudrooms/laundry rooms this month.  These rooms are essential keeping up with hectic schedules and maintaining order.


A mudroom gives you a space to contain the chaos of getting home from school. This is a designated space for the kids to put their backpacks, jackets, and other school supplies, instead of having these items dropped all over the house. Here are some great features to put into your mudroom.

Lockers and Shelves

Tamarack Haven Ct Built in bench

Lockers and shelves in the mudroom help to keep the designated “dump zone” organized.  It gives each person a space to keep their things together and easily accessible. The bench shown here comes with several great features; a side shelving unit, coat hooks, cabinets above and shoe storage underneath.  Locker systems have become very popular and are included in nearly all of our new homes. They come in different, shapes, sizes and colors.



Catch-All Space

Amberwood Jochman Entry board

Another popular feature we put in most of our mudrooms is a catch-all. This base cabinet and countertop gives you a place to set the mail, a purse, keys or phones when you first get into the home. Placing a calendar above the counter is a great way to keep track of all the activities, sports and clubs. Like the locker systems, these cabinet units and counters come in all shapes, sizes and colors.



With the return of school and extra-curricular activities comes the return of mountains of laundry.  Having an efficient, well-designed laundry room makes this annoying task much more tolerable.  Here are a few things we see in a lot of our new homes.

Basket Storage

Amberwood Jochman LaundryA popular laundry room feature in many of our Cypress Homes is storage spaces for your laundry baskets. This allows for easy storage and less clutter! It is also a perfect way to separate whites from your darks!  The large rack above the counter has lots of space to hang clothes to dry.

Elevated Washer and Dryer

Brookridge Clayton Laundry

Lifting your washer and dryer off the ground on pedestals has lots of advantages. By having a pedestal or stands for your washer and dryer, you eliminate the need to bend over to pick up your laundry. Pedestals are a practical and a great upgrade for front loading washing machines and dryers. In the photo above, Cypress Homes actually built the floor up below the washer and dryer to bring the units to a comfortable height and fit nicely below the cabinets.





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