6 Tips for Choosing Solar Panels

Finding ways on how to reduce your utility bills can become a strain. With more than 25 percent of your utility bills coming from creating hot water any homeowner would become stressed on how to lower it. Thankfully here at Cypress Homes, we have found some great tips on how to lower those bills with the help of solar panels.

Tip #1: Location

Make sure that your solar panels are located at an angle of at least 45 degrees to the south. This of course is the ideal location for maximum power and efficiency but you will still get power even if it’s not located to the south.

Tip#2: Build Quality

Depending on what type of climate you live in choosing the right type of panels to install with the proper warranty periods is something you should look into. The most widely used panel is made up of polycrystalline while the most efficient is monocrystalline and the best panel for small scale use is thin film.

Tip#3: Cost

Depending on the type and size of the system you want to install, costs will be based on the wattage a panel uses. Costs can be a deterrent when choosing to go solar but there are solar credit rebates which you may be qualified for which will reduce your costs significantly.

Tip#4: Efficiency

This is the most important factor to look at when deciding what type and size of system you plan to install. On average, households consume around 18 kilowatt hours of electricity per day.

Tip#5: Size

Solar panels come in many different sizes depending on how much power you want. Choosing the correct size for your system will help make your home look more attractive.

Tip#6: Warranty

The right type of warranty to cover your solar panels is an aspect you should considering when deciding on which brand to choose. Most warranties cover 5 to 25 years should your panels break down.

By following these tips when deciding to go with solar panels you can be sure that you are on the way to saving money on your next bill.

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