A Complete Kitchen Makeover

Cypress Homes would love to help you achieve your dream home, but if you’re just in need of an upgrade, the kitchen is often the first place to make the remodeling shift. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and it is important that yours is aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and easy to work in with every thing in its place.  Here are a few tips you can do to make it happen!

1.  A perfect traditional kitchen has an elegant and formal appearance, with features such as detailed molding and rich wood cabinetry. Antique fixtures and marble counter tops will finish the look.  (Check out our Design Center for the latest trends in counter tops and cabinetry!)

2. Headed in more of a Mediterranean direction? Colors play an important role in making your kitchen culturally diverse.  The ideal color palette is relaxing and conducive to your cooking environment.  They are inspired by Africa, Greece, and Provence.  Early Mediterranean houses were built around courtyards and gardens, so focus on any access to the outdoors.  Wood and stone make up most of the fixtures, but be sure not to go overboard.  Accessorize your kitchen to soften the look and create a perfect balance.  Kitchen rugs work perfectly, and stainless steel appliances are ideal.

3. For all you aspiring chefs out there, a gourmet kitchen is a must.  Deluxe appliances, food prep areas, and large islands are essential.  A gourmet kitchen is usually designed around the cooking surface.  An over-sized hood with plenty of airflow is usually important for most cooks.  If you have the space, add a second working sink near the cook-top for easy prep and clean-up.  Lastly, be sure you have plenty of walk space- 36-48 inches wide.

4. Cottage style kitchens exude warmth and vibrancy, which can be achieved with bright, bold colors.  Color scheming is very important for this type of kitchen, take your time to decide!  Light color wood cabinets work best with these colors to create a clear finish.  Painted white cabinets are another option.  Traditional flat panel doors work best for the lower cabinets, but consider glass doors for the upper cabinets to show off your antique china and other collectibles.

There are countless other themes to choose from when remodeling your kitchen.  The important thing is that your new kitchen represents your own personal style.  Get creative and try new things (Like talking fridges and other high-tech appliances!) Forget the fancy restaurants; your new kitchen is where it’s at! While Cypress Homes doesn’t remodel, if you are looking to build a home, we can help you design the kitchen you’ve always wanted!

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