Community Profile: Town of Grand Chute

Community Profile: Town of Grand Chute
With just over 21,200 residents, the Town of Grand Chute is the largest town in the state of Wisconsin.  Almost half of the town is residential which means there are plenty of opportunities to build!  Here is the community profile we have created for the Town of Grand Chute:

Bordering Appleton and Greenville, the Town of Grand Chute is right in the heart of the Fox Cities.  US Highway 41 bisects the town and there are multiple other highways that connect the town to the rest of the Fox Valley.  These include state highways 96, 15, and 125 as well as county highways A, EE, JJ, and OO.

One of the main forces of Grand Chute’s economy is the Fox River Mall.  The mall and surrounding shops, restaurants, and hotels bring the “day time” population to over 70,000.  Another large business in the town is the Class A minor league baseball team the Timber Rattlers.  The top three sectors of employment in Grand Chute are: manufacturing, social services, and retail trade.  Major employers in these areas include: Pierce Manufacturing, Omni Resources Inc., Fox Valley Technical College, the Fox River Mall, Plexus, and St. Elizabeth Hospital.

The Appleton Area School District serves most residents of the Town of Grand Chute.  Badger and Houdini elementary schools are actually located within the town boundaries.  The northeastern section of the town attends the Hortonville School District.  Fox Valley Technical College is located in the town and serves over 50,000 Fox Valley residents each year.

The Town of Grand Chute’s government is made up of the chairman David Schowalter and four supervisors: Jeff Nooyen, James Pleuss, Travis Thyssen, and Bruce Sherman.  The town government also employs over 130 full-time staff.

Parks and Recreation
Located in the town are 2 community parks and 3 neighborhood parks providing opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  The Town of Grand Chute is also home to the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve.  There you can enjoy all the scenic trails the nature preserve has to offer and watch for wildlife throughout.  Guests can hike during the summer and snowshoe or cross country ski during the winter.  Plamann Park is also located in the town offering an abundance of outdoor activities.  Individuals can enjoy the hiking trails, play disc golf, volleyball, or baseball.  Other options include swimming in Plamann Lake during the summer and visiting the children’s farm which is home to cows, pigs, goats, and sheep.

Restaurants and Entertainment
Grand Chute residents don’t have to look far for restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.  The Fox River Mall is home to over 180 stores and restaurants offering something for everyone. There is also a wide variety of stores in the surrounding area such as Pier 1 Imports, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Local restaurants include Nakashima of Japan, Bennigan’s Grill and Tavern, Carmella’s, and Fox River Brewing Company.  Other entertainment options include seeing a movie at the Hollywood Cinema or watching a Timber Rattlers baseball game.  


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Community Profile: Kaukauna

The City of Kaukauna, commonly known as “The Electric City” due to its hydraulic plant, is one of the oldest communities in Wisconsin. It is home to a growing community of over 15,500 residents. In addition, Kaukauna offers its own police, fire and rescue services to its community. Check out this community profile for more information about Kaukauna:


Kaukauna is conveniently situated on the Fox River, roughly 30 minutes south of Green Bay. The city is divided into a North Side and a South Side by the Fox River. 5 bridges connect both sides of the city.


Kaukauna is known for its diverse industrial and manufacturing businesses. The most recognizable business in Kaukauna is the paper-mill, Thilmany Papers.  With over 125 years of experience, Thilmany Papers is recognized as a leader in flexible packaging and specialty papers.


908AS6203Kaukauna is served by the Kaukauna Area School District. The school district includes kindergarden through 12th grade, and consists of roughly 4,100 students and 500 faculty members. The city has 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. Kaukauna High School has an enrollment of 1,350 students.



The Mayor of Kaukauna is Eugene J. Rosin and the Executive Secretary is Karen Koch.  The Mayor is responsible for coordinating and administering the operations of City government.

Parks & Recreation 

The Kaukauna Recreation Department offers a variety of recreational opportunities for fundamentals 11people of all ages. Kaukauna Recreation Department offers a seasonal guide that offers something for everyone. Such things include youth sports and youth arts, adult programs, and senior programs. These guides also list any events that will be taking place at any of Kaukauna’s public venues.


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Location, Location, Location… Choosing Where to Live and Why It Matters

As the saying goes, the three most important factors in the desirability of a property are “location, location, location.”  This saying really does hold a lot of truth.  Just think, when you are searching for a new home one of the first things you do is narrow down which areas you would consider living in.  While there are other factors to consider, often the single more important component is where the home is located.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the location of your home is so important:

Proximity to Daily Tasks

Car Costing MoneyThere is a lot to be said for living close to work, since you typically drive to and from there 5 times a week.  Commuting costs are absurd if you really break down the numbers.  The financial blog uses some reasonable assumptions to calculate just how much it costs you to commute.  They estimate that each mile you live from work costs you roughly $795 per year in driving costs and lost productivity time.  So that means if you moved 10 miles further from work you are essentially taking a nearly $8,000 pay cut!  You can read more about the numbers used and the author’s reasoning on his blog post: The True Cost of Commuting.

Work isn’t the only thing you want located nearby.  Other places you go to often, such as the grocery store, gym, or children’s schools should be near by.  Shorter trips to these places help reduce stress and frees up more of your time.  Sometimes living close to common destinations can allow you to forego the car altogether.  If destinations are within walking/biking distance you can save gas and get some exercise at the same time!  You can use to see how walk-friendly a property is.

Taxes & Utility Costs

Area mill rates (“The amount of tax payable per dollar of the assessed value of a property”) vary quite a bit from one municipality to another.  The property taxes on two identical homes in two different areas could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars apart.  When trying to determine your property’s taxes you need to consider the property’s taxable assessed value and the mill rate for that area.  So for example, a home with a taxable assessed value of $250,000 in an area with a mill rate of 20 would have a property tax bill of $5,000.

Utility SymbolsUtility costs are another element to consider.  What you pay for gas, electric and water services will vary from area to area.  You can check the WPS and WE Energies websites for their service areas and rates.  These costs may not be as drastic as area mill rates, but recurring costs can add up over time so it is best to have at least an idea what they are before purchasing.  It is especially important to know if the property has access to municipal sewer or water.  Needing to install an on-site septic system or dig a water well can add thousands of dollars to the overall cost of your project.

Schools & School Districts

Graded PaperNot all schools or districts are created equal.  What school a child attends can have a significant affect on the student’s academic, and future professional success.  School rating websites such as are a great resource to start your search.  Interviewing school administrators and talking to other parents will also give you great insight into the quality of a school or district.  Obviously school district is not a relevant factor for some homebuyers, such as those without school-aged children or those opting for private school (although proximity would still be a factor).

Family & Friends

 Established relationships can sway decisions on what locations are considered desirable.  Many people wish to remain close to family and friends, so greater consideration may be given to an area that allows them to keep those relationships close.  This factor is really an extension of the proximity factor, however its significance warrants noting it separately. 

Privacy, Open Space, & Special Features

Characteristics of a property such as privacy, space and special features are obviously factors as well.  Larger lots offer increased privacy, but often require you to be further from a city, as land becomes more scarce and expensive the closer you get to populated areas.  Lots at the end of cul du sacs cut down on traffic around your home, which gives you additional privacy as well as a safer atmosphere.  Other special features such as mature trees, a sloping grade, or a water feature typically add to a property’s appeal.  All these characteristics tend to increase a property’s desirability, but at the same time also increases its price.

House on a Hill

The factors above vary in priority for each individual and there are often trade-offs needed to determine the “best” location for your new home.  Property prices are based on the number of desirable factors the lot has to offer, so it is important to know which factors are important to you and which factors aren’t.



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Community Profile: Town of Ellington

map_of_ellington_wiNot interested in big city living? Then the Town of Ellington is the perfect place for you to call home. This small town, with an estimated population of 2,600, offers both rural and suburban living, making it the ideal place to start the next chapter of your life. Continue reading to learn more about the Town of Ellington:


The Town of Ellington is a small town located in the southwestern part of Outagamie County. The great thing about the town’s location is that it close proximity to many surrounding communities such as; New London, Shiocton, Greenville and Hortonville. The City of Appleton is only about six miles southeast of the Town of Ellington as well. Being so close to these surrounding communities makes it an easy commute and gives residents an opportunity to explore and enjoy the surrounding areas without having to travel very far.


The Town of Ellington is spread across nearly 22,400 acres and the town is known as mainly a farming community. Ellington’s economic base consists of agricultural operations such as dairy and livestock farming, cash cropping and timber harvesting. Although agricultural operations is a main economic force in the town, over the years and development of the town farming has been slowing. The Town of Ellington has some small businesses, limited industrial uses and non-metallic mining operations that are located throughout the town. As the Town of Ellington continues to grow and advance they hope that more businesses will develop within the community, ultimately creating new jobs.


Ellington does not have any school facilities located within the town itself, but there are two school districts serving it; the Hortonville Area School District and the Shiocton School District.  The Hortonville Area School District is where most of the residents of Ellington attend school as it serves approximately two-thirds of the town. The northern one-third of the town attends the Shiocton School District.


The town board consists of three voting members: town chairman and two supervisors, and three non-voting members: town clerk, treasurer, and constable.  Meetings are typically open to the public and meeting minutes can be found in the mailbox outside the Town Hall doors.

Parks & Recreation:

farmers park with sign_720_wide

Ellington has a number of parks and recreational facilities that are located throughout the town.

Stephensville Community Park – One of the more popular parks in the area is Stephensville Community Park.  This park that sits on 2.86 acres of land and has playground equipment, a softball diamond, a picnic shelter, picnic tables, restrooms, landscaping and its own parking lot.

Farmers Park – This 20-acre piece of land was recently donated to the Town of Ellington and will one day be made into the Town of Ellington’s largest community park.

Community Center Playground – Located adjacent to Town Hall and the Community Center is this one-acre area which has a variety of different playground equipment as well as picnic tables.

The Creeks at Ivy Acres - This 18-hole golf course is located in the Town of Ellington and is open for public play, but it is a privately owned course. This course was formerly named Eagle Creek Golf Club.


The LaSage Unit of the Wolf River Bottoms – This 484-acre site is located in the northwest area of the town and is Ellington’s largest natural recreational activity area with public access. There are many different recreational activities that this land can be used for such as; hunting, fishing, conservation activities and other outdoor activities. The site is located adjacent to the Wolf River, making for an endless amount of outdoor fun!

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July Facebook Poll Results

Twice a week on Facebook, we create poll questions with 3 different options to let people tell us what type of home features they like. Then each month we’re giving you a summary of the winners so you can see our most popular home features! Below are the poll results from July:

Entry Way Winner- Brookridge


This Brookridge entry way won our first Facebook poll of the month, gaining 57% of the votes.

It features an 11′ ceiling and large chandelier, giving a grand impression to anyone you welcome into the home. Off to the side of the foyer is an office with pocket french doors and a two-tone wood staircase to the upper level.


Fireplace Winner- Birchwood

Birchwood Kuehne Fireplace

This floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace won our Facebook poll taking 42% of the votes.

The stone accentuates the high ceilings and a rustic style wood beam compliments the stone to makes this the focal point of the great room. This gas fireplace unit with an electronic ignition allows you to create a hassle-free fire at the flip of a switch.

Kitchen Winner- Avalon

Avalon kitchen

The Avalon kitchen won this poll by gaining 53% of the votes.

We agree with Stasi, who said “I think it’s the ‘wet bar’ area that really adds to this one.” Granite counters & stainless steel appliances are home features that many people desire & this kitchen has both. It also includes a large island with available seating, lighted upper cabinets, and a tile backsplash. This kitchen is exceptionally bright and open, which further adds to its appeal.

Backsplash Winner – Custom Home

Custom Sagmeister backsplash

This backsplash won a staggering 71% of the votes!

Kitchen backsplashes are a great accent piece that gives your kitchen a personalized style and character. This subway tile backsplash contrasts well with the counter while still tying in the color from the quartz. While your backsplash options are nearly endless this one clearly appeals to a lot of people.

Tile Shower Winner – Amberwood

Amberwood klotz windflower tile showerThis winner took half of all votes in this poll!

Tile showers are a popular upgrade that many people are adding to their master bathrooms. This shower has a built-in bench and recessed shampoo nooks that blend into the pattern of the tile. This bold look also features an arched ceiling, small tile floor and clear glass doors.

To see last months poll winners click here.

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Mile of Music

Mile of Music returns to Appleton August 4-7, 2016 for Mile 4! This entire event takes place in downtown Appleton on College Avenue. The downtown area is a mile full of bars, cafes, shops and restaurants. The best part of this event is it’s free! Mile of Music 2016

Mile of Music has expanded each year since it’s inception in 2013, adding over 100 artists and 30 venues in the last 3 years! This year the festival features 200 artists, giving them the chance to showcase their musical talents. Genres include: country, rock, indie, jazz, R&B, soul and folk. In total there will be 800 live performers at 70 different venues.

One performer is national recording artist and Appleton native, Cory Chisel. Cory was recently a Grammy Award nominee for his co-writing of the song “The Traveling Kind.” Cory-Chisel1

General admission to this event is free with the help of 100 sponsors.  These generous benefactors allow all profits to go to two funds. The Mile of Music Education Fund helps provide more music opportunities within the Appleton public schools. The Creative Downtown Fund, raises money for projects in the Downtown Appleton area.

postcrescent mile

Also during Mile of Music, there will be hands-on music education events for all ages! These interactive events include: Storycatchers Storytelling Workshop, Compose Your Own Song, Irish Dancing for Beginners, Acoustic Guitar Workshop and many more!

The music, the food, and the people will make this one unique experience that you do not want to miss!

Find more information on the website:!

Cypress Homes, Inc.

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Community Profile: Hortonville

The Village of Hortonville is a growing community with nearly 3,000 residents, but still maintains that small community charm.   For more information on Hortonville continue reading:



Hortonville is located about 10 miles northwest of Appleton at the intersection of State Hwy 15 and County Hwy M.


Hortonville has experienced rapid growth in the past few years. Hortonville’s population has grown nearly 24% since 2002. Hortonville has a median income of $71,975, well above Wisconsin’s median income of $50,395.



The Hortonville School District includes 2 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools, and 1 High School. With a district wide philosophy of constantly striving to improve curriculum in order to achieve the  best practice in education. The Hortonville Area School District dedicates professional development time to ensure a cycle of ever improving curriculum for their students.  When writing curriculum Hortonville teachers apply 4 lenses of Technology; Differentiation, Rigor and Relevance and 21st Century Learning skills to ensure a high level of student engagement and achievement


WisconsinHortonville’s government is made up of 7 members. Village President; Andrew Gitter, and 6 Trustees, Jeff Fessbender, Al Habeck, Traci Martens, Kelly Schleif, Jeff Schuh, and Dwan Vollbrecht. Hortonville also has a Public Works, Public Facilities, Public Safety, and Executive Committee.


Parks & Recreation

p1060202Hortonville Parks and Rec. offers an extensive park system that spans over 145 acres. These parks offer plenty of activities. If you are looking for a park geared toward kids, consider Alonzo Park. This park offers playground equipment, sandboxes, picnic tables, and hiking trails. If sports are more your cup of tea, Otto Miller Athletic Field is the park for you. Offering 3 softball dimands (2 lighted), 1 baseball dimand, and a WIAA regulation soccer field. Finally, for those fishermen out there, Hortonville’s Black Otter Lake is the place for you. This 75 acre man made lake is perfect for fishing, canoeing, or swimming.

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Best of the Best: Top 10 Houzz Photos by Cypress Homes

Cypress Homes showcases past projects on the popular home ideas website, We have compiled a list of our 10 most popular photos over the past 12 months. Combined, these photos have been seen on Houzz over 118,000 times & been saved to Ideabooks over 2,000 times!

1. Tile Shower – An Amberwood Model

“Like the corner bench and arched ceilings with the built in shelves” – dawnsideabook

Amberwood Milestone Tile shower

A tile shower is one of the most popular upgrades in a new home. This shower features a corner bench, tile floor, arched ceilings, built in shelving & a clear glass door.


2. Built-in Appliances & Corner Pantry – A Carabelle Model

“Pantry door and trim” – rbeller13


 This kitchen features plenty of storage with a large, walk-in corner pantry.  It also features a double oven look by placing the built-in microwave above the wall oven.


3. Kitchen – A Carabelle Model

“One of my favorites for color scheme.” – Annereda’s Ideabook 

Carabelle Meadow Park Kitchen

Granite counters & stainless steel appliances are home features that many people desire & this kitchen has both. It also includes a large island with available seating, lighted upper cabinets & a tile backsplash that follows the range hood to the ceiling.


4. Fireplace – A Custom Home

“Love the stone fireplace and wood mantel.” – Thoggar1

Northmont fire for blog

fireplace is often the focal point of the home. This gas fireplace is has a cultured stone surround with a custom built wood mantel. It also is designed for TV mounting with a chase for electronics wiring.


5. Exterior – A Custom Home

“Exterior style” – Jdclauson


The home’s exterior is the first thing you see & sets the tone for the rest of the design. This is a custom-designed home made with a combination of horizontal siding, shakes, cultured stone & tapered pillars.


6. Master Bath Vanity – An Amberwood Model

“Like the framed mirrors and lights on the side” – Tracyszymanski

IMG_1416 copy (1)

This master bath has a large & spacious vanity with double sinks & granite counters. The large built-in cabinet adds storage space & separates the two sink areas without losing valuable counter space . A double vanity is very popular so that each person has their own space!


7. Fireplace & Great Room – A Custom Home

“Interesting with the black wall above the mantel, allows TV to blend in instead of pop.” – Iobelle 


This spacious great room features an abundance of large windows allowing for natural light to fill the space. Also displayed is a cultured stone gas fireplace with wood mantel.


8. Powder Room – An Amberwood Model

“Love this entire look!” – Kelly 


This powder room has a contemporary look with the granite counters & wall-mounted lighting around a framed mirror. The shaker style cabinet doors & wainscoting give the space a craftsman flair.


9. Fireplace – A Brookridge Model 

“craftsman fireplace surround and mantle” – Andrea


This gas fireplace features glass tiles with a painted wood surround & mantel. The light color of the wood, tile, & wall above the fireplace help make it stand out to be the focal point of the room.


10. Kitchen – A Custom Home

” I am now re-configuring my kitchen and I really like this concept… thank you so much!!!! ” – Mlbdaw


This kitchen has an open-concept with white cabinets, granite countertops & stainless steel appliances. Large island with seating is featured in the center with a corner walk-in pantry to the side. This vinyl plank flooring shows a strong contrast against the island and cabinets.


These 10 photos may have been the most popular over the past year for Cypress Homes, but there is plenty more to see on our Houzz Profile!  We have 89 projects & counting, with over one million cumulative photo views over the past year!

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Community Profile: Oshkosh

The City of Oshkosh is a great place to call home. Oshkosh has a little bit of something for everyone, which is why over 68,000 people call it home. Though it is one of the larger cities in the Fox Valley, Oshkosh manages to have that small town friendliness while still providing some big city features.

Oshkosh Arial


Oshkosh is conveniently located at the center of the Fox Cities, just north of Fond Du Lac and just south of Neenah and Appleton. Oshkosh is located on the north-west shore of Lake Winnebago.


Oshkosh Corporation

Oshkosh is home to Oshkosh Corporation, formerly OshkoshTruck, one of the nation’s largest producers of heavy-duty specialty trucks; most notably for the US Military.  Many manufacturing and engineering jobs are brought to the area by Oshkosh Corporation


Sage complete_360

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is located at the heart of Oshkosh. UW-Oshkosh is the third largest college in Wisconsin, home to over 13,000  students. UW-Oshkosh is widely regarded as having an excellent nursing and business program. In an effort to ensure continues growth UWO recently spent $48 million on the construction of Sage Hall. Sage Hall is a state of the art building offering students a wonderful environment to learn. UWO is also building The Intramural Recreational Field Complex (Recplex) which will allow for more space for students to participate in intramural’s.  This $6.466 million dollar project with include:  two flag football fields, two recreational soccer fields, one regulation soccer field, one regulation rugby field, and one regulation lacrosse field. The Recplex is said to open in the fall of 2017. Oshkosh is also home to 16 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 2 high schools.


The city council is comprised of 7 individuals; Steve Cummings – Mayor, Debra L. Allison-Aasby - Deputy Mayor, and 5 Council Members – Steve Herman, Caroline Panske, Lori Palmeri, Thomas R. Pech Jr. and Ben Stepanek.

Parks and Recreation

Set on the shores of Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh’s Menominee Park is a true gem. Located in the center of the park is the Menominee Park Zoo. This 8-acer zoo is home to over three dozen animals, including native and exotic animals. This free zoo is open from the first week in May to the last week in September. Also located in Menominee Park is the zoo_arial_600Children’s Amusement Area. This area includes train rides, marry-go-round, or paddle boat rentals. Menominee Park also includes a huge playground, paved trails, a beech, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and picnic areas. Menominee Park has a boat launch for those looking to do some fishing on Lake Winnebago.  Besides Menominee Park, the largest of Oshkosh’s parks is the 270-acre Winnebago County Community Park. The park is home to 18 soccer fields, an archery range, ruby fields, disc golf courses and three small fishing lakes.


Becket’s- Becket’s is an American restaurant on the water. They have both indoor and outdoor seating with great riverfront views and docks so you can tie up your boat to stop in for some food. Becket’s has live music and weddings! Also every day they have half-price appetizers from 3-6 and all day on Thursday’s!

Fox River Brewing - This is also a great spot on the water where you are able to eat outside and even dock your boat. Plenty of outside seating is available and throughout the summer they have live music!

Mahoneys- Mahoneys is located right by Oshkosh campus. They have outdoor seating in the summer and they host private events. The chef here is Chef Ryan Nolan and he changes the menu for different seasons and adds a modern twist to classic dishes.

Oshkosh also has great cafes and bars downtown on main street!



See Lots Available in Oshkosh by Cypress Homes Here!




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Community Profile: North Appleton

NorthAppletonIt may seem as though Appleton is completely developed but the truth is there are still plenty of places to build on the north side of Appleton.  The fact that Appleton is so developed and has so much to offer makes this area even more appealing!  Check out the community profile we have created for North Appleton:


North Appleton is in a very convenient location.  Residents are close to down town Appleton, the Fox River Mall area, and the rest of the Fox Valley.  It is also an easy drive to Green Bay or Oshkosh since Highway 41 goes right through this area.


Many businesses in North Appleton are part of the Appleton Northside Business Association.  These area businesses include:  the American Red Cross, The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce, Gannett Newspapers, Edward Jones Investments, and Schenck Business Solutions.  North Appleton also has many local restaurants and shops.


The Appleton Area School District is made up of 15 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 3 high schools.  Residents in the north side of Appleton would be part of Ferber, Huntley, Franklin, or Columbus elementary schools, Einstein or Roosevelt middle schools and Appleton North High School.  There are also several charter schools in Appleton as well as Parochial schools.  Parochial schools on the North side of Appleton include the Aces Xavier system, Fox Valley Lutheran High School, and Celebration Lutheran School.


Appleton’s government consists of Mayor Timothy Hanna and the Common Council made up of 15 elected Alderpersons.  In addition, there are 16 government departments with over 600 full-time positions.

PlaygroundParks and Recreation

There is no lack of parks and recreational activities in the North Appleton area.  Appleton Memorial Park offers softball fields, walking trail, playground equipment, and soccer fields.  Seasonal activities include sledding and ice skating in the winter, and archery in the summer.  Erb Park is also conveniently located in the area and offers tennis courts, basketball courts and a pool.  There are also many trails located in the area and city parks throughout for residents to enjoy.

Restaurants and Entertainment

No one will ever be bored in North Appleton.  Residents can enjoy dinner at a restaurant such as Mary’s Restaurant, Cinder’s Charcoal Grill, El Azteca, or Koreana.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy bowling at Super Bowl or a day spent at Badger Sports Park.  You can also spend the day shopping at local stores, Northland Mall or Fox Valley Mall.


See Lots Available in Appleton by Cypress Homes Here!

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