May 2017 Poll Results

Each Monday and Friday we post a poll on Facebook with 3-4 photos from homes where you are able to choose the photo of the room, detail, etc. that you most prefer through liking/commenting on the photo you like best. With that being said… You voted, we counted up the results and now we’re sharing our May 2017 poll results!

Throughout the month of May, you voted on your favorite: Laundry room, Amberwood exterior, living space, kitchen/dining area, backsplash, kitchen light fixtures, kitchen cabinets and front entry. Lots of kitchen polls this month, read on to learn more about the winners!

Brookridge Greenville Laundry

Laundry Room: Brookridge

This specific laundry room is featured in one of our Brookridge homes. It won by 72% of the total votes. This raised platform allows for a little more height, making it easier to access the machines, with a sink conveniently placed to the left. The dark cabinets are rich in color and compliment the homeowners choice of blue appliances very well!



DSC_0067Amberwood Exterior:

This exterior won by 58% of the votes. This color palette is warm vs. cool. The all over soft green color of the siding looks ravishing next to the small pops of brown and the dark roof shingles. The curb appeal of this house is definitely stand-out worthy and will catch the eye of a passerby. The stone detail underneath the pillars near the entry way give it a nice, natural earthy look, and the thick, white window casings give this exterior the perfect finishing touch.

Living Space: Tamarack IMG_5673

This living room/great room is perfect for winding down and relaxing, it received a majority of the votes, winning by 50%. This must mean that all of our living spaces are great! The wall colors are a calming, neutral color on the more yellow side of the color spectrum, which brightens up the space and gives it an airy feeling. This living space has a nice fireplace with stone detailing and a white mantel surrounded by white built-ins that can be used to keep this living room neat and tidy. Who wouldn’t want to curl up and read a book in this space?

Kitchen/Dining Area: Amberwood & Ridgewood 

For this category, there was a tie! The Amberwood and the Ridgewood both received 38% of the votes with the same number of votes.


So, first, we’ll talk about the Amberwood. This home was just recently built and is currently FOR SALE in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. White is the main color of this kitchen which gives it a nice, clean look. Plus, white goes with just about anything, so whatever accessories, chairs, etc. you have, it’s a sure bet that it’ll look great! Also, did you see those light fixtures above the island?! We’ll talk about those later!

Now, onto the Ridgewood!

IMG_2367This kitchen is pretty similar to that of the Amberwood, the difference between the two of these specific kitchens is where the dining space is located. This particular kitchen has a very classic look to it. The subway tile backsplash is soft and fits well with the metallic features. The white custom shaker cabinets give this kitchen a fresh look with the silver handles as perfect accents to match the metal kitchen accessories. This room is spacious and perfect for entertaining family and friends with the open concept plan as the kitchen is connected to the family room.

Both kitchen spaces are great, so we can understand why these two tied.


Backsplash: Amberwood

It’s no surprise that this kitchen also won for backsplash! It comes from the same kitchen mentioned above, that’s right, the one that’s for sale! If you haven’t already checked it out, click here! This backsplash won by 39% of the votes. The pattern is very aesthetically pleasing and interesting to look at. It’s almost as if you can’t not look at it! If you’re interested in this pattern, it’s called “lantern mosaic”.

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures: AmberwoodIMG_8685

Yet again, this beautiful kitchen has won another poll! These kitchen lighting fixture won by 64% of the votes. They’re definitely majestic with their resemblance of a crystal ball. Just make sure you have high enough ceilings for these Birch Lane Sanford lighting fixtures if you plan on installing these into your own home!



IMG_1708 2Kitchen Cabinets: Tamarack

Ok, so this one isn’t from our brand new Amberwood, however, it definitely is worthy of winning by 66% of the votes. These white custom shaker style cabinets are very chic and look great in any kitchen. There are see-through spaces that make the cabinets a little more interesting to look at and give it more of a modern feel.




Front Entry: Brookridge IMG_8620

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s the winner of this poll, the Brookridge! Winning by 76% of the votes, this beautiful dark wood-esque front entry door is indeed very warm and welcoming. The material used is actually fiberglass, made for great insulation!

Check out the winners for April 2017 here! 



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April 2017 Poll Results

Each Monday and Friday we post a poll on Facebook with 3-4 photos from homes where you are able to choose the photo of the room, detail, etc. that you most prefer through liking/commenting on the photo you like best. With that being said… You voted, we counted up the results and now we’re sharing our April 2017 poll results!

Throughout the month of April, you voted on your favorite: front foyer, dining area, stone fireplace, kitchen, master bathroom, Brookridge exterior and guest bathroom. If you didn’t vote, don’t worry! You can check out all of the polls for each current month to vote for on our Facebook page in our “timeline” photo album.

Without further ado, the results:

Front Foyer: Custom Home

CUSTOMIMG_2803Winning by 72% of the votes, this foyer, or entry way as some may call it, comes from a custom-built home. The contrasting colors compliment this foyer very well, so it’s no wonder that this entry came out on top! For example, the white door and dark brown hard wood flooring makes for a great contrast and is aesthetically pleasing. You’ll also see this same color scheme on the stairwell and throughout the home.

Dining Area: Amberwood 

Amberwood Lightening DIningThis fabulous dining area won by a whopping 81% of the total votes. This particular dining area is built in one of our Amberwood homes. It has impeccable natural lighting because of the perfect window placing, and has a great, soft lighting fixture overhead for when the sun goes down.


Stone Fireplace: Custom Ridgewood 


This spectacular stone fireplace won by 62% of the votes. It comes from a custom-built home based off of our Ridgewood plan. The earthy tones make this stone look natural and eloquent and a perfect feature to add to any home!




Kitchen: Custom Brookridge


This kitchen comes from a custom-built home with a Brookridge style floor plan and won by 72% of the votes. It features white custom shaker style cabinets that make the multicolored backsplash pop. Complete with stainless steel appliances and an awesome kitchen island right in the center makes it a great feature to prepare meals to be cooked. Add on some bar stools and you can eat at the island as well! The light granite counter tops pull the entire kitchen together with the perfect amount of dark colors seeping through.This definitely constitutes as a dream kitchen!

Exterior: Brookridge


This beautiful home sits on Addie Parkway in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It comes from our Brookridge plan and won by 86% of the votes. The warm brown siding is inviting along with the stone detailing along the bottom. The pop of bright white found on the garage doors, the pillars and the window casings contrast with the warm, dark brown colors making it a great balance of colors for an exterior of a home!

Guest Bathroom: Amberwood

Amberwood Milestone Guest Bath

Last, but certainly not least, this guest bathroom won by the most percentage of votes than the rest of the months entries. Winning by 87% of the votes was this awesome guest bathroom from our Amberwood plan. The wall colors may be a shade of gray, but there’s nothing gloomy about this room! The gray color acutally acts as a neutral color and is brightened by the white cabinets and accessories and the light granite counter top used for the double vanity. There is a door that separates the toilet and the vanity space for extra privacy. This bathroom plan is clearly genius!

Don’t forget to vote every Monday and Friday on our Facebook page!

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Oshkosh Farmers Market

oshfarmersmarketJune is here, which means the Oshkosh Farmers Market is too! Each Saturday from June 3rd to October 28th of 2017, you’ll have the opportunity to stop by to see over 100 vendors from 8am to 12:30pm on Main Street, located in Downtown Oshkosh.

Over the past couple of years, this farmers market has grown dramatically and it’s no wonder it is now one of the top farmers markets in the state. Coming early has it benefits, with first choice of the produce. Strolling in late can work out well too as some vendors will lower prices to clear their remaining inventory.


I suggest starting off by grabbing a cup of coffee from the New Moon Cafe (this place does get busy during the market, so patience is definitely key). Then go ahead and stroll through Main Street taking it all in…the egg rolls, the fresh produce, those breakfast sandwiches, beautiful wildflower bouquets that can brighten up any room in your home for only $8-12, those perfect knick-knacks, the crafts, the music, the smells, the people watching, the beautiful summer weather (the market goes on through rain or shine), and much, much more!

oshkosh-saturday-farmersYou can purchase things as you see them or wait and see all of the different venues before you pull out your money. That’s one thing to note, many vendors only accept cash. So make sure to plan ahead to get everything your heart desires.

Keep in mind that this market does happen every Saturday from June through October, so you don’t have to try everything all at once. It’s probably better to try a few new things each time you visit the market. Whether you stop by once, twice or every Saturday, I promise that you’ll enjoy your time at the market.


Interested in going? The Oshkosh Farmers Market is located on N Main Street in Oshkosh between the 400 and 500 blocks, as well as the 100 block of Church Ave.


All photos taken from Google Images.


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Canadian Lumber Tariff…What Does it Mean for Home Building?

The Canadian Lumber Tariff will play an extensive role in the price inflation of building a new home. Recently, the United States, through the Trump Administration, has put a 3%-24% tariff on Canada’s soft lumber trade. What exactly does this mean for home builders in the United States? The short answer is that the price of building a new home goes up. Lumber is a crucial material that is used to build homes. In fact, the average U.S. home uses 15,000 board feet of lumber. With that being said, the United States does not have enough supply to meet demand, which is why it is imported.

Lumber Pack

According to (Fortune 500), ”America must import about one-third of its lumber supply from Canada because U.S. lumber production is simply not robust enough to meet the nation’s needs. Therefore, lumber imports are vital for the construction of affordable homes for American families.”

It is said that the tariff was anticipated, therefore, lumber prices have already increased about 20% and added $3,600 (median) to the price of building a new home.

Some politicians and analysts don’t believe that the tariff will have an affect on the price of home building. Bob Wetenhall, RBC Capital Markets homebuilding and building products analyst, told CNBC,

Granger MacDonald (Chairman - NAHB):Google Images

Granger MacDonald (Chairman – NAHB):Google Images

New tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber announced by the Trump Administration on Monday are nothing more than “a papercut. It’s not going to affect the real estate market, [and] it’s not going to impact housing prices.”

However, the National Home Builders’ Association disagrees. Granger MacDonald, chairman of NAHB on states, “NAHB respectfully disagrees with comments made by Commerce Secretary Ross that the tariffs on Canadian lumber imports into the U.S. will have little effect on the cost of housing,” said NAHB Chairman Granger MacDonald Tuesday. “While Ross cannot cite specific consequences regarding this punitive tariff, we can.”

MacDonald went on to say “clearly, protectionist measures to prop up domestic lumber producers at the expense of millions of U.S. home buyers and lumber users is not the way to resolve the U.S.-Canada trade dispute or boost the U.S. economy.”

“As an industry that is on the front lines of this issue, NAHB would be happy to discuss this matter with the White House and seek solutions that will not harm housing affordability for millions of hard-working American families,” MacDonald said.

Although the decision to put a tariff on Canada’s lumber wasn’t favorable, keep this in mind if you plan on building a new home. The price didn’t go up because we want to charge you more, it’s going up due to the magnified cost of lumber that we rely on Canada for.





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Intro: 2017 Spring Winnegamie Parade of Homes

Are you in the market for building the home of your dreams, but don’t know where to start? The 2017 Spring Parade of Homes put on by the Winnegamie Home Builders Association will surely put your mind at ease. With some of the best home builders in the area, it’s no surprise that the beautiful homes showcased this spring will inspire you to build the home you’ve always dreamed of!  Bring your imagination to life and visit Cypress Homes’ outstanding, newly finished Amberwood plan. This home is a spacious 4 bedroom 2-story on Morningstar Lane located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (right next to the 20th Avenue YMCA). There will also be signs to direct you there, so you won’t get lost!

Here’s a sneak peek:


Doesn’t this make you want to see the inside of this fabulous home?!

Here’s when you can stop by:

Friday, May 5th – 5pm – 8pm
Saturday, May 6th – 11am – 4pm
Sunday, May 7th – 11am -4pm
Friday, May 12th – 5pm – 8pm
Saturday, May 13th – 11am – 4pm

If you’re not in the market for building a new home, you can still swing by the Parade of Homes from May 5th through 7th and May 12th through 13th to be inspired to remodel, update, or modernize your current home.  Or maybe you just want to explore the new homes, because who doesn’t love that new home smell?

Join Cypress Homes at the 2017 Spring Winnegamie Parade of Homes!

Find tickets and more information online at


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The Amberwood

The Amberwood is our most popular two-story home and for the last three years, our most popular home overall.

The Amberwood for pinterest

The Amberwood is 2,402 Sq. Ft., has 4 bedrooms all on the second level, and 2 1/2 bathrooms. The floor plan has a very open feel by having the kitchen connected to both the dining area and great room.

Amberwood parade collage






The main level features a study/office for extra space. First floor laundry and a mudroom with a built-in bench and lockers are other main level features.

The main bath has a split design, giving more privacy by separating the toilet and shower from the vanities. This allows more than one person to use the space when needed.

Untitled design (21)

The three-stall garage has stairs to the basement for easy access. The lower level is a great extra space for entertainment, storage and more.


amberwood collage for social




Even though this floor plan is our most popular, the homes can still look considerably different and have their own special feel. The plan can also be modified for a more custom design. We have even built the Amberwood as both a 3 bedroom and a 5 bedroom version.




For more on the Amberwood go to

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March Facebook Poll Results

Twice a week on Facebook, we create poll questions with 3 different options to let people tell us what type of home features they like. Then each month we’re giving you a summary of the winners so you can see our most popular home features! Below are the poll results from March:

Great Room Winner – Carabelle

IMG_6748The first Facebook poll winner in the month of March is our new Carabelle home that was recently featured in the HBAFC Parade of Homes. This great room was the fan favorite taking 91% of the votes!

This great room features a large cultured stone fireplace with built-in cabinets on both sides. This room also has large windows which allow a lot of natural light into the room. The Carabelle has an open-concept floor plan, connecting this great room into the kitchen.

Click HERE for a virtual tour of this home in case you missed it in the parade or on Facebook.

Master Bathroom Winner – Ridgewood

Untitled design (28)The master bathroom poll was won by one of our new Ridgewood homes that we finished for a customer. This bathroom collage defeated the other two by gaining 79% of the votes!

The shower in this master bathroom is one of our most liked photos on both Facebook and Instagram. The different types of tile and the glass shower doors give this a very luxurious look. The large vanity is also a great feature. This bathroom is very spacious and has the toilet hidden for privacy.

To see a virtual tour of a Ridgewood home, click HERE.

Carabelle Exterior Winner

IMG_9682The Carabelle floor plan has been one of our most popular floor plans to build. All three exteriors all look very different from each other, giving your home a unique look. This Carabelle exterior won the poll by a slim margin, taking 54% of the votes.

This ranch floor plan has an open-concept and varying ceiling heights throughout. Having large windows in the kitchen and great room allow for tons of natural light. This exterior features varying heights as well as different materials to complete this winning look.

Locker System Winner – Edgewood

IMG_7009The Edgewood is one of our newest floor plans and was featured in the Fox Cities HBA Parade of Homes.  This locker system won the poll by claiming 62% of the votes. 

In previous polls, the two-tone built-in bench has been our most popular look. This time, two of these benches are included in the home. This mudroom space is off the garage entrance but still tucked away from the main area. The benches are perfect to store coats on or shoes under. This beautiful home is still for sale in Grand Chute.

To see a virtual tour of the Edgewood, click HERE. 

Kitchen Winner- Ridgewood

Untitled design (20)This Ridgewood kitchen is in a home we recently finished for a customer. This collage won the poll by our slimmest margin ever, just gaining 46% of the votes.

This kitchen has many features that homeowners desire. The tile backsplash also won one of our previous polls. The granite counters, stainless steel appliances, large center island and custom cabinets are stand out features in this space as well!


 Wine Area Winner – Carabelle

Wine Wed- Carabelle custom home

It is very fitting that March’s Facebook polls end with wine areas, which is also our March space of the month feature! This winner got the victory by taking 56% of the votes. 

This wine area is featured in the kitchen and it is the perfect rack to keep wine bottles on display. Whether needing a glass of wine while cooking or grabbing one to relax in the great room, the kitchen location is perfect for a wine rack.

To read about more wine racks and bar areas, read our March Space of the Month blog.






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13 Awe-inspring Storage Spaces by Cypress Homes

Many homeowners have so much stuff that they don’t know where to put it all, making their belongings look like a cluttered mess. The solution? Built-ins! Built-in storage areas are a great way to keep items organized and the clutter hidden. Cabinet units, drawers or small nooks! Whatever you need, no matter what you need to store, there is a storage space that Cypress Homes can give you! Check out the 13 Awe-inspiring Storage Spaces by Cypress Homes below:

1. Built-in Surrounding Window


This unique built-in is found in one of our new Juneberry homes we just finished building for a customer. This built-in features a window bench with drawers below. With shelves on each side of the nifty bench system, this storage space is perfect for a child’s bedroom to store toys and clothes in a fun and organized way.

2. Fireplace Built-in

CUsersckobzOneDriveCypressHouse PhotosCarabelle (w sunroom) -StahlBuilt-ins around the fireplace are one of the most popular built-ins features in our homes. This built-in has different sized cabinets and shelves. This is the perfect place to have decorations, movies, books or any type of knick-knack. This type of built-in helps keep the clutter to a minimum and provides a great place to store items. This particular image is from one of our Amberwood homes.

  3. Master Bedroom Closet


This master bedroom built-in closet is convenient and ready to use! Equipped with  storage areas of many different sizes, it has all of the storage shelves and racks necessary to keep belongings looking neat and organized. Not to mention, the built-in shoe rack is a MUST in order keep shoes off the floor. Above the wonderful shoe shelf is a space behind closed doors discreet enough for a safe. This storage space is also from our new Juneberry home.

4. Towel Storage

custom--Agnello (Valentine Dr.)

This innovative towel storage is from one of our custom homes. This space is a built-in under the counter and is made out of tile that is attached to the soaking bath tub. This towel storage is perfect for keeping towels perfectly organized and in direct reach of the bathtub.

5. Double Cabinets


The new Juneberry has many awesome storage features, like this one! These two wardrobes are in the master bedroom that surround the doorway to the master bathroom. This is an excellent feature to store extra clothes and accessories!

6. Spice Drawer

Carabelle (w sunroom) -Stahl

This kitchen drawer is ideal for utilizing space that would normally be wasted. This custom drawer differs from others because of the way it faces. It slides in and out like a drawer, but stores products in an upright position like a cabinet would. It keeps spices organized and easy to find in order to make a delicious meal! This spice drawer is from one of our custom homes.


7. Large Pantry

Custom smits cabinets collage

This built-in pantry cabinet unit is also from one of our custom homes. It is unique in comparison to most of the pantries we build since it is visible to the kitchen. Most pantries are hidden behind a single door. In this particular pantry, there are many different cabinets, drawers and shelves which provides every kitchen product the perfect home.

8. Bathroom Drawers


This master bathroom is in one of our Avalon homes which was featured in the HBAFC Parade of Homes. The drawers seen here have a special cut-out that allows the drawers to go around the sink pipes. This gives a homeowner even more space to store bathroom their necessities.


9.Built-in Buffet


This built-in buffet is also from our Avalon home featured in the HBAFC Parade, just like the previous storage space above. The buffet separates the great room and kitchen with the sides extending all the way to the ceiling, resembling a pillar. The unit features a half wall perfect for decor, and glass door cabinets below to store items like fine china, for example, which can be seen through the glass.

10. Half-wall Shelf

IMG_1727 2

Like many other photos featured in this blog, this half-wall shelving unit is from our new Juneberry home. However, this storage idea can also be found in our Tamarack homes as well! Plenty of shelves are provided in this built-in storage space. It also doubles as a half-wall, hiding the staircase to the lower level in place of a stair railing.

eCypressHouse PhotosCarabelle (w sunroom) -Stahl11. Drying Rack

This laundry room has what appears to be a drawer, but when it opens up it is actually a drying rack for clothes. There are four different racks to hang clothes from while they dry. This idea was brought to life in one of our custom homes.


12. Wine Storage

Brookridge shiocton island

This large island is featured in one of our custom Brookridge homes. It was featured on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for #WineWednesday and received plenty of likes! It is a creative design that allows wine to be easily accessible and doesn’t take up counter space! The pockets are conveniently sized with smaller and larger wine bottles in mind.


13. Corner Drawers


This trio of drawers is featured in a custom home and they are in a corner of the cabinet unit, using space that normally would go unused in the kitchen. As the three drawers get closer to the ground, they get larger. Having a different shape gives them a cool look while maximizing space. These drawers are perfect for holding kitchen supplies like utensils, kitchen towels or other items.




These 13 storage spaces are just some of the exclusive space savers in our homes. To see more, visit our galleries. If you have a storage space that you want built in your home, Cypress Homes can do that with our awesome custom homes.

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Tips in Choosing the Right Swimming Pool

As everyone knows summer is approaching fast and what better way to keep you cool than with a swimming pool. If your home already has a pool then jump right in and enjoy yourself, but if you don’t then here are a few tips in choosing the right swimming pool for your family and you.

Salt Water vs. Chlorine

When it comes to deciding what the best way to keep your pool clean, there are two options that you can consider. The first option is having a salt water (saline) swimming pool. With this option, you don’t have to worry about using chlorine in your water to keep it clean as the salt already creates that chlorine for you. A benefit from having this is that it reduces the costs when it comes to maintenance of the water since it is just a one time upfront payment. But a downside is that the initial installment will be high.

The second option you have is using a chlorine based swimming pool. One of the advantages of going for this option is that building it is cheaper than building a salt water pool. A disadvantage to this is that weekly maintenance checks are needed in order to provide proper safety to swimmers.

Size and Shape

Like everything that you buy, you must consider how big and what shape you want it to be. A big pool may be fun to play in but when it comes down to maintaining that pool, it can become a hassle. Another thing to consider is if you have enough open space to accommodate the pool you are considering.

Underground vs. Above-Ground

Another thing you should consider when choosing the right swimming pool is whether you want it to be above or underground. An advantage of an above ground pool is that it is the most cost-effective way to build a pool. A disadvantage is that it is often not very durable so if you plan on keeping it for a long time this may not be the option for you.

If you go for an underground pool you have many options in what you want to do with it. There are many creative things that you can do with it and they do require less maintenance than above-ground pools. Once again if you go for an underground pool the costs will be substantially more and you also have to consider the procedures that go along with it such as a building permit, plumbing work, electrical work, excavation using heavy equipment, and concrete work.

Whatever choices you choose, you can be sure that you will be on your way to keeping your and your family cool for the summer. Whether you choose to go big or small always remember to keep yourself safe.

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5 Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

Looking for the best way to use that unfinished space in your basement? Renovating your home’s lower level is a great way to add extra space and value to your current home. At Cypress Homes, we make it easy for homeowners to finish off lower level space later on by including pre-plumbing for another bathroom in most of our homes. We also usually include at least one egress window to allow homeowners to meet building codes for an extra bedroom. Even without those things included in your basement, here are 5 ways to use that basement space and few things you may need:

1. Home Office

Home Office

Having a place that you can bring your work home can be a very nice thing to have. The basement is a perfect quiet space that you can get your work done without being distracted. A few things that you should have in your office are:

  • Desk
  • Wood floors
  • Built in cabinets
  • Sufficient lighting (compact florescent bulbs)
  • Wireless router or internet jack
  • Comfortable chairs not only for you but also clients

2. Playroom

Kids' Playroom

Basements are generally considered as the extra space of your room. Keeping all your kid’s items in the basement increases the space in main parts of your home. It also increases fun and extra activity. It provides a proper area to play many floor games. Having guests can be a challenge because of children playing and making noise, so having a place where they don’t disturb your guests can be very nice. Some essentials of a child’s play room could be:

  • Bright color Pillows and Cushions
  • Hiding places
  • Hang the alphabetical, numerical, animal names and various other charts
  • Easy to clean furnishing
  • Toy bin for easy clean up

3. Recreation or Family Room

Rec Room

This is a great place to bring anyone for any kind of get together. It is also a place for you and your family to have quality bonding time. Having billiards such as darts, pool, or even air hockey will keep your children active and social.  Important features and games could include:

  • Pool table
  • Television
  • Furniture (couches, recliners)
  • Stools
  • Music Player

4. Home Theater

Home Theater

What better way to watch your favorite team then on a giant projection screen? Children will also have a place to watch their favorite TV shows and movies with their friends. Leisure time will no longer consist of your family fighting over the best chair in the living room since there won’t be a bad seat in the room. A few musts in your home theater are:

  • Television or big screen
  • DVD Player to run the DVD and Speakers
  • Movie posters
  • Popcorn machine, mini fridge, nacho maker and small sink
  • Painting the wall with soft, warm colors to create the mood

5. Bar


Home Bar Area

If you’re sick of searching for a venue for you and your buddies to hang out, then this is the right decision. A bar can be a perfect place to kick back and loosen up after a long week of work. This may not be the right decision for a family full of children. However, once they’re off to college this could be a great idea for your adult parties. Showing off your wine collection and your bartending skills will entertain anyone you bring into your basement. You’ll not only need the actual bar but you may also want to include:

  • Stools
  • Wine cooler
  • Juke box
  • Card Table
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Television

However you decide to finish off your basement, make sure you do it right.  Either hire a reputable contractor or if you plan to tackle it yourself find a DIY resource.

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